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y’all are still following me? das cute.

anyway, if you didn’t know already i’ve been at bufriedo for the past year or so. also, i wanted to post something personal on that blog, except my friend showed her boss my blog as a pitch without telling me, so now i feel slightly uncomfortable posting anything personal there.

i’m a little upset, because i don’t want to mix business and personal life. but it’s not her fault, really. i guess. (flips table) why would you show a corporation my blog

anyway, last night was bad. there’s a lot of unprecedented homework to do today, which sucks. hooray summer school.

okay bye maybe i’ll use this blog a little more often now or just switch entirely??? who knows

Updates: because I don’t even care anymore

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i haven’t updated this blog in almost a month??

hi kids i’m alive.

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What is there to do in Chicago besides get shot

shoot people

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oh my mama, i’m your papa


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I was prepared, but it still hurt.
— Hiro Fujiwara (via cigarette-curls)

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